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In CERTEZA we promote organizations and individuals with purpose. We believe that the first step to align both purposes is to know them.

Part 1: Discover the heart and soul of your business ideas

Part 2: Connect with your personal resources

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When we find our purpose, we realize that each purpose has a unique value. You don't need to struggle in a "Red Ocean"  fighting for clients. You can create your own niche with your unique value proposition.

Connect with your team

Part3: Building a Unique Business

Part 2:Purpose Checklist

Part1: Find our KeyWords

You can use this material to build the branding of your project.
Are you launching a new training program?
Are you launching a cultural change?
Use these templates to build a unique value!
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Learn more about how effective are you in your team and in your organization or business.
Observe which are your strengths and weaknesses to improve in your business

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